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Cotgrave Country Park

Wild for Wildflowers! (Part 2)

By Rachel Ollerenshaw, July 2023.

Wildflowers in Cotgrave Country Park

During our wildflower and butterfly walk events, hosted by the Friends of Cotgrave Country park and led by Lee (from NCC) we ensure to record the species of wildflowers seen along the way to keep a record of flora within the park.

Check out our full list of species here

Notable species

Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) is a root parasite of grass species and reduces their competitiveness and height, thereby benefitting other wildflowers in the community.
Bee orchids (Ophrys apifera). To attract the bees that will pollinate the plant, it has flowers that mimic their appearance. The bees will attempt a mating and as they land on the flower the pollen is transferred. Sadly, the right species of bee doesn't occur in the UK, so bee orchids are self-pollinated here.
Common knapweed (Centaurea nigra) is a huge favourite of all kinds of butterflies, including common blues, marbled whites, and meadow browns.
Germander speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) is an excellent nectar source for solitary bees.
Red campion (Silene dioica) flowers are important for various pollinating insects, including bees, butterflies, and hoverflies.
Common bird's-foot-trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) is a food plant for 160 species of insects.
A picture of someone holding some wildflowers

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