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Below the surface: Pond dipping at Heron Lake

By Rachel Ollerenshaw, August 2023.

During our pond dipping event, hosted by the Friends of Cotgrave Country Park, both children and adults spent a time pond dipping and learning about what lies beneath the water's surface.

People pond dipping in Cotgrave Country ParkAnother image of people pond dipping in Cotgrave Country Park

We ensured to note the species of aquatic invertebrates found to keep a record of what can be found within the park:

If out and about for a walk in the Cotgrave Country Park you're most likely to be able to see the following most notable species at other times of the year when they're on the wing!

Common Mayfly (Ephemera danica). There are 51 species of mayfly in the UK, on the wing from April until September (nymphs are present all year-round. They can be identified by three tail bristles).
Common blue damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum). On the wing from April to September. When initially emerging damselflies (and dragonflies) tend to be duller in colour a state known as 'teneral'.
Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) on the wing between June and August eating prey such as butterflies in mid-air. Easily identified by its large size and blue colour.

Look out for more events at the Cotgrave Country Park on our website, Facebook, and park information boards!

People pond dipping in Cotgrave Country Park

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